Re-awakening my WordPress site

Portrait of Angela Sutton-VaneIt’s a rainy Sunday morning and I’m sitting at my desk with a big mug of tea struggling to reacquaint myself with my neglected WordPress site which has been dormant for far too long.  So this blog is a bit of a sound test and a tap of the microphone and a clearing of the throat – hem, hem.  I think I’ve set up all the links properly and thanks to a recent postgrad workshop at the Open University, I am much more savvy and willing to give it another go.  So before I head off in the rain to Topsham Rugby Club to meet Glyn at the end of The Nello bike race, I thought I would overcome my very British reserve and GET MY FIRST BLOG OUT.

My site is still in tatters – I’ve changed the theme and the pages are mostly blank – but I am excited about my PhD research which I’m undertaking in the History Department at the Open University and which I’m delighted has been funded through the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s CHASE consortium.  My research interests cover museums, material culture, police archives and collections.  I have set myself a target to write about two conferences I have attended recently – one at Exeter University and the other at the British Library … so watch this space!


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